Anand Theory of Relative Propogation of speed of light….

Universe is nothing but a cluster of relative mysteries. One has to solve them accurately  and I think I have solved one of them.
Let speed of in universal vaccum=3*10^8 ms^-1
speed of light in tes of a circle
c.v = (2πr)/ t
c.v=3*10^8 ms^-1
2πr = circumference of the circle
, where π stands for infinity which withstands with a value of (22)/7 or 3.14.
Hence we get the value of π at millions of decimal places we shall take only the rational form of π where p is not equal to 0.
According to my theory we can make whermholes in the form of 6 dimensional black holes.
let a cylinder with dimensions

height =h
radius =1000 m
let one point on the cylinder take
rotations at speed of light or closer to it then the given formula will be
        [ v = dx/dt ]

accelaration = a
a= (v^2)/r
thus if we make the cylinder to run at the given speed however this will create high pressure on the outer side and low pressure on the inner sides. No pressure will be created at the point C center.
This will make an artificial blackhole which will converge the two far points together creating a non parallel path of time. Hence we know that the speed of light is constant to its distance though it covers it in one second. However if we will increase time, speed will decrease. This is how we can slow down speed of light.

Accepting success is more difficult than accepting failure.

Failure is a challange, accept it. Don’t fed up about your failure because your failure is the first step towards your successful future. I am writing this blog because I know that you all who are reading this blog and don’t know about my aim… My dear all, I want to tell all of you that a big step along with failure can change the whole universe.

Accepting success is more difficult than accepting failure. When a person fails in his life, he thinks that their is no hope for him, after a long time he experiences the truth of life and due to his struggle he achieves success.. But when he achieves success he could not forget his path of failure which led him to struggle and not to give up which let him to think that failure is far better than success which is unforgettable.

What is success?

The most beautiful thing in the universe is mystry” -Aditya Anand.

Well, the above quotation denotes mystry as success. Right from the incident of Big Bang life has been a saga of struggle for human existence. 

With due to the passage of time , humans developed their intelligence. Over the years, intelligence had been upgraded by the rising evolution .

In today’s generation we all understand that human is the smartest one in the vast and diverst life forms. As somewhere it is true rather than the mythological concepts.

As the humans grew smarter, they realised about relative intelligence in their lives as per years they understood that intelligence could be used as a tool for better living. Later on when the multi-intelligence of some great people combined, it gave birth to a mystry, that was a question itself,”What is term to define a person’s work which led him to be great and grow the seed of evolution. The answer was “Success”.

Today everybody wants to be successful in his life…But some of them get the chance to make their name. The race for success even result in destruction of some people who don’t have enough potential in them which provoke them to give up. “Giving up a sitiuation is not its solution. Failures in life are like the turning points, we just have to be brave enough to take them as challenges.

Success is not the need of knowledge but it is the product of hardwork done in gaining knowledge. Even if some losses everything, then should know that “Though the war is lost, all is not lost”. The main thing to remember is that life a continous cycle of joy and sorrow which test our patience. 

“My friends, remember that success is just a mystry in life, try to solve it as the next war is waiting for you………